Monday, March 15, 2021

I got my COVID-19 vaccine last Friday, which was 3 days ago. I am in the Education sector so I could get a vaccine earlier than many. I got Janssen vaccine. Although some people might say this Janssen vaccine is not as good as vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna because those vaccines showed about 95% effective while Janssen vaccine is about 72%, I see that is a reckless comparison. Different times, different places. So it is not fair to compare them that way. Also, the efficacy of Janssen increases and after around 2 months, the efficacy is more than 90%. There is a cool chart about it here, slide 41. Most importantly, it prevented 100% participants from hospitalizations and deaths. In addition, only the Janssen vaccine has shown high efficacy against new mutations. And you need only 1 dose.

I got expected side effects: pain at the injection site, mild fever, chills, and fatigue. So it was good that I got it on Friday and had the weekend to recover. Feeling much more hopeful now. I hope more people will be able to get vaccinated and will be willing to get vaccinated.