Top of the world

Friday, February 19, 2021

"Top of the World" park (officially called Alta Laguna Park) is one of our favorite spots in Orange County. Despite the name, it is not the highest peak in Orange County1. But we can go there often. The way from our apartment to the park is also quite fun with 133 South wriggled through hills and some fun steep uphills. Be careful of traffic though.

On the top of the park, we can see from islands, beaches to cities and mountains. There are so many trails leading to the park. It would be fun to explore them more because each of them going in a different direction, bringing different views and feelings. But the view I like most is the sunset of a clear day. Sunset is usually my most peaceful time of day. And sunset on Top of the World is great.

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  1. which is Saddleback Mountain.